Privacy Policy

Welcome to Ozwin Casino’s Privacy Policy. You know, we reckon fair play is what makes the game, and that applies to how we handle your info as well. 

So, before you take a punt on our awesome games, have a look at this policy. 

It’ll explain the answers to the main questions about your data.

  • What data do we collect? 
  • Why do we need it? 
  • How do we keep it safe? 

Remember, we’re all about a safe and fair experience here at Ozwin Casino, so we keep things on the up and up. Thank you for doing your part. 

What Data Do We Collect?

You can’t play for real money at Ozwin without first providing us with some information, just like you can’t have a barbecue without snags and tomato sauce. We’re not discussing your star sign, your love of Home and Away or Neighbours, or anything like that. We only require your name, your email address, your mailing address, and the number and expiration date of your payment card. We can handle all of your transactions without delay once we have this information.

Why Are We Collecting Data About You?

We require information from you, including your name, postal address, and email address, so we can keep you informed about any great giveaways or promotions. After all, you don’t want to pass up the chance to win. Of course, you can always unsubscribe from any emails you don’t want to receive.

Also, when you attempt a customer survey, we record personal information about you. We do this to make sure we have the data we need to enhance your gaming experience. While your IP address is used to collect demographic data. When we need to diagnose issues with our server or website, player traffic patterns, and site usage assist us in improving the design of our website.

Information About Account Creation

The email addresses of people who contact us via email are collected by us. Your email address and any other information you disclose to the Ozwin team, such as private information you give upon registration, are kept in strict confidence. Your email address is only ever used to notify you about software updates, promotions, and different casino activities (deposits, withdrawals, etc.).

Any personal information you give us will only be used for the specific reason you gave it to us. Unless you specify otherwise, it won’t be shared with other users of our site, or used in any other competitions, promotions, surveys, or mailings.


Your earnings and withdrawal requests are completely secret. We preserve all winning information within our secure operational environment. Third-party businesses and organizations are prohibited from access. The only exception is a law, regulation, or other governmental or competent authority that requires disclosure.

Advertising System

Only IP addresses are logged in order to deliver more precise advertising options like language-specific advertisements.

When you use our website, a cookie will be placed on your computer. Typically, cookies and similar technologies work by assigning your browser or other device a unique number that is only good for our website. If you reject cookies, you might not be able to use all of our services. 

Our performance cookies monitor which pages on our website you visit most often, whether you open or read our emails, which advertising you view or engage with on this website or other websites where our advertisements are placed, and whether you experience any issues. 

The information we get through our performance cookies may, however, it may be connected to your account if you already have one with us. Our performance cookies don’t record any data that can be used to identify you specifically.

Third-party advertisers, ad networks, data exchanges, marketing analytics, and other service providers may put cookies on your device in order to show you relevant adverts on both our websites and online services as well as the websites and online services of third parties.

The information these cookies collect cannot be used to personally identify you.

Customer Protection

We go above and beyond to protect your data, both in processing and storage. No system can be 100% safe, so we cannot guarantee or assure the security of the data you choose to store or transport within or outside of our systems. 

You recognize and concur that the security safeguards we have established and maintained protect your personal information and any associated data. This is to provide a level of security appropriate to the risk to your personal information.

You agree that it is your responsibility, without regard to our security precautions and data incidents, to use our services in a way that ensures a level of security appropriate to the risk in relation to your personal data.  This includes the account authorisation credentials, system, and devices you use to access your account. Please regularly update your permission credentials as well.

Email Notifications and Changes

You have the choice to opt out of receiving our marketing communications. The simplest way to do this is to click the “Unsubscribe” link, which is included at the bottom of each email. As an alternative, you can contact our customer service team or use live chat.

Administrative or service-related emails (such as those to confirm a deposit or to notify you of changes to our Privacy Policy or General Terms and Conditions) do not include an opportunity to unsubscribe as such an option would make it impossible to perform the services you requested.

Protection for Minors

No one under the age of eighteen (or the legal age in their local jurisdiction) is targeted by our services. Our services are intended only for adults only, using the platform legally. Any person who provides us with personal information through a service feature confirms to us that they are at least eighteen (18) years old (or the legal age in their country of residence). 

Our policy is to prevent minors from attempting to use our services, even if doing so requires initiating a security assessment. If we become aware that a minor has attempted to use our services, when they submit personal information (or if have already done so), we will reject it and take action to remove access.